Thursday, September 05, 2013

Judging a book by its cover contents

I've mentioned before that I'm a Bible geek. It's true - I very much love my English Standard Version study Bible. The notes, maps, forwards, the fluidity of text that stays true to a formal equivalent translation - the whole package is superb.

That's why this story saddens me. After more than twenty-five years, Zondervan ceased publishing the 1984 New International Version Bible. While a Bible labeled "NIV" can still be found on the bookstore shelves, it is considerably different than the orignal dynamic translation.

I've posted on this before, but now that we are a year out from the changes, it's starting to hit home. Even my beloved AWANA program - a Scripture memory, fun club for kids ages 4 - 12 - has abandoned use of the NIV, offering their handbooks in four other translations.

If you are going to read the Bible, find a translation that not only is easy for you to read and understand, but that is accurate and as free from bias as possible. There are lots of guides to differences in versions available, including a short explanation of the different types of translations in an old post of mine.

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