Saturday, September 07, 2013


Either we are about to get a thunderstorm, or the world is ending and no one told me. It's awfully dark out there.

Semi-productive day so far. Finished watching Alphas (well worth a look, though it's a Heroes knock off). Made bacon, eggs and english muffin for breakfast (thick cut bacon - love it). Finished loading the dishwasher and turned it on to cycle through. Partially cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Took a bag of garbage and several empty cardboard boxes to the basement. Put away a load of groceries. Rearranged one of the pantry shelves. Poured the whole wheat flour into a container. Refilled the white flour container. Picked up in the living room.Cleared off most of the dining room table.

That last bit is important, as the next item on the agenda has to do with cutting some fabric for the final backgrounds for the Feels Like Spring project, so I can fire up the embroidery machine this afternoon. The rest of the weekend managed to get filled with "stuff" - supposedly fun stuff, but things that will take me away from the sewing machine. My one big opportunity to get anything accomplished is today.

The rest of the cleaning will happen during and around the sewing - it's a puttery kind of day, and I can't seem to focus well for longer than half an hour at a time (must be the approaching storm). I'm having a hard time continuing to type rather than jumping up to do one of the ten different things I thought of as soon as I sat down...

Does this happen to anyone else? I hate this lack of....ooooo, shiny......

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