Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mid week drive by post

Because nothing says writer's block like brain dumping randomosity.

Syria - Good grief. President Because-I-Decreed-It just makes things worse every time he opens his mouth. He should never have declared a "red line" last spring, he should never have contemplated (out loud) missile strikes on Syria, and he certainly shouldn't be trying to backtrack and say he didn't say what he said last spring. He's going to blunder us into another war in the Mideast, one without the backing or help of any of our allies (almost all of whom he's managed to irk in one way or another). How long until he is out of office?

School daze - The public schools started their year yesterday, while our university has been in session just over a week. Hard to believe it is that time already. A favorite little girl began 5-K this week - thrilled to be going to school. Hope she can maintain that thrill for at least the next thirteen years!

Wounded - One of the cyst removal incisions continues to weep off and on, five weeks after surgery and a week before a final check. It's annoying, but healing. I just wish it would heal faster, as I've not had my hair colored since the week before the week of the procedure. Vanity is a terrible thing.

Endings - My last summer day of the season is next Monday. So long, three day weekends. The trade off is shorter (normal, in other words) work days. Except they never really are...

Beginnings - The next television season starts next week, the week after and the week after that, depending on station. There are a few things I'd like to take a peek at, but I rarely just sit and watch. I'm more likely to catch things via the network websites, watching when it is convenient. Honestly, there are very, very few truly new ideas out there.

Super tech - Last weekend I successfully installed a range extender for the wireless network at the condo. Didn't take long, and it firmed up the signal on the main floor. I've not tested the signal in the sewing studio yet (amping up that signal was the reason for the installation in the fist place), but the extender can be moved as needed. I may even have a reliable connection out on the patio, now.

Weather woes - Up, down, up, down and repeat. Eighty-five one day, seventy the next, mornings at fifty-eight and afternoons close to ninety. It's jacket and shorts weather. At some point, this should stabilize at seasonal temperatures, but in the meantime, we are either layering it on or stripping it off, often both in the same day.

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