Monday, October 14, 2013

Technical do-dads and mishaps

So...I apparently posted the quilt for the 14th (the teddy bears) on the 13th, in addition to the scheduled quilt post for the 13th.

This is why I have a post tag "Where I am (sometimes) an idiot".

I'll give you a bonus today - previous posts on quilts that I don't plan to include in this month's 31 Days:

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In better news, my sofa table and end tables have arrived. I called the store last Thursday, intending to cancel the order and raise the roof if they couldn't at least give me some sort of approximate arrival date (back story: they said delivery in 4 - 6 weeks, I started calling asking for an update after 8 weeks, and in the end, delivery came 14 weeks after my initial order). As luck would have it, the items had "just" arrived.


I had intended to pick them up with the help of a friend with a van, because the delivery charge would have been 20% of what I paid for the tables. That friend happened to be out of town this week, since, well, the estimated delivery was a couple of months ago and arrangements had been made for that time period. I will be out of town for work later this week, and in the end, decided to bite the bullet and just arrange for store delivery.

To my utter surprise and delight, Colder's is delivering them free of charge. Now, I have a sneaky suspicion they have my name pinned on a board somewhere with darts sticking out of it and a big "beware" sign on it (I called once a week from 8 weeks on, and e-mailed the salesman a very firm request for an update (which never got a response)), and that's why they gave me the concession. But kudos to them for finally coming through.

Good thing, as I've been using folding chairs as end tables since the beginning of August.

Our weather is dipping into the hard frost territory over this coming weekend. I've not turned the heat on yet, and really don't need to do so, at least not when I'm going to be home running water and things. But I'm out of town for work for a few days, including the weekend. Yes, I may have to turn the heat on just to make sure the pipes don't freeze. It's unlikely, given the nature of our building, but better safe, you know.

Still, it irks me to heat an empty house.

Hair appointment on Thursday, to have all the hairs curled. The cyst scar on the side of my head is stubbornly refusing to stay out of sight; I'm hoping the perm will help the hair to cover it more consistently. There is a possibility it will make it worse. I'm probably being oversensitive about it, but you know how women can be about their hair.


Chad Hohner said...

Why not heat the house to say 60 degrees since you won't be home?

Warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing, but it won't kill you on energy.

Diane said...

That would be the plan (and I normally let it go down to 58 or so overnight anyway). I'll probably run the normal program, but lower the "at home" times to 60.

Chad Hohner said...

you could always upgrade your thermostat to a wifi enabled unit ;) control your hvac from anywhere :P

Diane said...

Heh. I'm beginning to think, given all that is going on in the world, that I should remove myself from the grid entirely, find a cabin in the remote north woods and learn to live completely off the land. I've already got the skills to make my own clothes and bed coverings, & can garden if I put my mind to it. Add a passel of chickens and I'm just about ready...

melissa said...

Chickens? I can help you with that. :)