Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days - Day 15: Old Maid's Puzzle

A few posts back I mentioned that sometimes, it's better not to tell the parents the name of the particular quilt block you used for their child's quilt. This is another one of those.

Jenny's baby quilt
Year: 1987
Size: 45 x 60
Pattern: Alternating Old Maid's Puzzle and plain blocks
Quilting: Hand quilted, flowers in the plain blocks, 1/4 inch inside the seam lines on the pieced blocks, clamshells in the border

I feel I should point out that young Jenny has grown up into a lovely woman who is happily married; using the Old Maid's Puzzle blocks for her baby quilt did not consign her to a life of singleness with only two dozen cats as company.

These colors - peach and green - seem to have been a "thing" in the late 1980's, at least for me. You remember this quilt, also in much the same colorway. And this one, though it doesn't have peach in it, carries on with the green. There is a third in these colors, actually my favorite of the three of them, that will come up later.

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