Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days - Day 11: Flatiron

For today's quilt, we go back a decade and a half to 1984 or 1985. This is a baby quilt made for a church friend who didn't find out the sex of her child before the birth. Hence the green and peach.

Actually, I seem to have made three different quilts around this time with the green and peach kind of color scheme. Where those colors popular back then?

Brian's baby quilt
Year: 1984 or 1985
Pattern: Flat iron blocks
Fabric: Cotton/poly blends
Binding: Double edging, strip of solid peach with eyelet lace
Quilting: Hand quilted with tulips in the border, echo quilting in the center

My piecing skills back then developed quickly, as I already had ten years of clothing sewing under my belt before I began quilting. Coming up with appropriate quilting patterns (and knowing I could get that pattern all quilted in time for the gift-giving occasion) was another story.

The echo quilting, done 1/4 inch inside of the seam lines, emphasized the shape of the blocks, but really doesn't add much to the quilt in terms of style. Still, it was both fast and easy to do.

While the peach and green work well together, there isn't much value difference between the two different green fabrics used (did you even notice there were two greens? I rest my case). I'd use a little more contrast in the greens if I were to make this again today.

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