Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days - Day 10: Night Train to Slumberland

Every so often, my mom and I would collaborate on a gift quilt. In the case of this particular quilt, the "collaboration" involved my supplying the pattern, fabric from my stash, backing fabric, layering, quilting, machine sewing of the binding and making the label. Yeah, my mom pretty much pieced the top and hand sewed the binding down. And the quilt was for her neighbor, who I never did meet.

Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite quilts. The quilt itself is a basic Yellow Brick Road pattern, with stars meander quilted over the pieced center of the quilt. But it is the quilting in the border that is my favorite part of the quilt.

Night Train to Slumberland
Year: 2002
Size: Crib (45 x 60)
Pattern: Yellow Brick Road
Fabric: Cotton Bali batiks
Batting: Quilter's Dream cotton

The smaller picture inset with the quilt shows the border quilting. Rather than just continue the stars, I freehand drew a simple, three unit train. While it doesn't show much except in relief on the front of the quilt, the little train is clear on the back. There are identical choo-choos in each border.

The Yellow Brick Road pattern is easy enough for beginners, but changes looks dramatically depending on the fabric used or any embellishments added. You'll be seeing a couple more of these this month - one in a lodge look, the other with cows jumping over the moon.

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melissa said...

The colors are so happy....and love the attention to detail. Folks get in such a hurry, these days, you don't see so much individuality in work so often. Beautiful. :)