Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A rant-sh quickie

Geez. I stayed home sick yesterday, and was treated to POTUS Theater instead of my soap. Before the news conference, the ABC News commentators said they didn't expect him to say anything new (so why waste a hour and a quarter on it?), and during the conference the POTUS admitted that he was given a list of reporters with pre-approved questions on whom to call by his press secretary.

After half an hour of talking back to the television, I turned to Netflix. Enough of that stuff.

Still not normal (granted, that's a loaded statement, but you know I mean truly not normal, not not normal in the usual way). I seem to have a low grade fever that comes and goes, and in the process, sends my blood sugar into the stratosphere. I suppose it's too early in the season to say I want to go to bed and have someone wake me up when it is spring, huh?

The orange barrels must be having lots of unprotected orgies late at night, as they continue to multiply. This happens every fall, when construction managers think, "Oh #$($!! Winter is coming! We have to get all this stuff finished before it snows!". In some cases, I do believe they put out the barrels specifically to sit in the snow until spring, so they can get an early start on whatever they didn't finish. Either way, I pretty much can't leave home without running into them.

Fall is sort of here. The leaves are turning (or dropping without really turning), but the temps are still unseasonably high. I haven't yet felt a true need for jacket in the mornings, in spite of leaving the condo before dawn. It's rained several weekends in a row - hardly ideal for wandering autumn farmers' markets. I fear I'll wake up one day and we'll be in that grey zone, after the leaves have dropped and shriveled up, but still six weeks before the first possible snow, days shortening as we approach the solstice.

A couple of parties are coming up. Once again I'm hosting students from my university for dinner in mid-November. It's always fun to cook for students; even the girls come with a hearty appetite and a great appreciation for a home cooked meal. Later on in the month, I'm hosting lunch and a Packers-Vikings game viewing for friends who are married to Vikings fans.

Yeah, I have no idea how they met them, nor how they made it through the premarital counseling. The simple answer would be they met and married out of state, but that's not the case, at least for one couple. The other might have married in Minnesota, but met here, I think. I may decorate in purple and gold, so they can see the colors without a pile of green and gold on top of them. :)

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