Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday blues

It's a gorgeous fall day out - sunny and cool. So cool, in fact, that I finally closed my bedroom window this morning. The forty-six degrees outside had not only chilled my bedroom to an arctic sleeping den, but had drifted down the steps to drop the temperature down there by a good four degrees.

But it's much too soon to turn the heat on.

I slept in a bit, then went out to breakfast. Weekend schedules mess me up completely as far as eating regularly; I get involved in things and don't stop to eat when I should. Last night I didn't realize until I was going to bed that I hadn't had any dinner and I was hungry. Not about to trot downstairs to whip something up at that point. I need to start keeping nuts or something upstairs in the desk, for my blood sugar's sake.

Since I got home I've taken a forty-five minute nap (oh, yes, I did), scanned, cropped and titled nine or so quilts for the 31 Days series and written and scheduled half a dozen of those posts. I'm going to run out of month before I run out of quilts. The thing that I'm realizing as I go through my albums again is that I'm missing some great pieces. I did a tree skirt for a wedding gift about five years ago that is so much fun - it's big, crazy quilt hearts embellished with machine embroidery, couching, metallic and specialty threads, with the heart points facing in towards the tree.

It would be much easier with a picture. The entire thing was made from my stash fabric; I made the ten yards of quarter inch piping that went around the hearts myself, too.

I'm not in the mood to either watch the Packer game or do the cleaning I should, so I'm going to fire up the computer to watch last week's Elementary while I sort two three baskets of laundry. From the looks of things, I just discovered where all my dishtowels are...

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