Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 Days - Day 14: Teddy Bears

Amanda's bears
Year: 1984
Pattern: Red and ecru squares alternating with fussy cut teddy bears.
Fabric: 100% cotton
Quilting: Hand quilted in diagonal lines, with hearts around the large teddy bears

Back when I started quilting, I didn't have a back log of projects. So when I heard friends were expecting, I could knock out a baby quilt before the shower, rather than aiming for finishing one before the baby's first birthday.

This was made for the third child of some church friends. As someone else once said, it's rare to get something new for a later child, much less something home made.

The teddy bears were printed on a large panel - ten different vignettes. The red fabric has smaller bears scattered over it, while the lightest fabric is printed with tiny red hearts.

The quilting is simple, but the idea was to show off the bears. The bears were "fussy cut", meaning I cut out a piece of cardboard the size of the finished square, then used it as a template over the bears, adjusting the placement until I had the bear centered the way I wanted it to be.

The red and ecru is cheerful - and I prewashed the fabrics in hot water, as well as washed the finished quilt, just to be sure the red wouldn't run and spoil everything.

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