Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fly by vacation post

Boy, is it windy out there! At least it looks and sounds like it from inside. Never fear, I'm on my way out for a late, late lunch and a trip to Target and/or the grocery store.

The IndyCars are practicing at the Mile today, and they've opened the grandstands up to fans for free. Unfortunately, I was stuck at home, pretending to be a grown up. Last week, before I was aware of the practice, I called a local heating/cooling company to come and tune up the a/c, as well as give them an opportunity to sell me a maintenance agreement. It's a good deal, all around, as it covers both the furnace and the a/c annual tune ups, gives a discount on any needed repairs and puts you on the priority list for service. The units are only three years old; I'd like to keep them running well.

No air conditioning needed today. Aside from the wind, it is a gorgeous day. Sunny, breezy and warm, though not hot. The extra good news is that this is the trend for the week. If I don't go see a movie tonight, I may actually (finally) set up the patio. (I've been doing little things inside; I did get the outside water turned on, at least).

On Memorial Day, I turned the corner onto the main drag of our subdivision to see small American flags lining both sides of the median. There were easily over a hundred of them - the median is at least a block and a half long at that point. On my way back in this morning after an early coffee run, I saw a older couple taking them up again. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a traffic jam and I couldn't pull over to thank them.

This being vacation, I have a list. I've even been able to cross a few things off of the list, like replacing the wreath with a small quilted wall hanging. Easier said than done...there was a nail already above the fireplace at the right height, which happens to be about 12" higher than I can reach when standing on top of the step stool. There is a four or five foot ladder the previous owners left in the parking bay, but that would have made too much sense. Instead, the long tongs, coupled with the fact that the quilting hanger on this quilt has a magnet clamp, was able to do the job with just a little stretching.

I've put some taller things on the mantle to balance things out, but here is the wallhanging above the fireplace:

The antenna is moved as well. In fact, the entire living room is rearranged, a different quilt hung in the dining room and a few other things shifted around.

I see my late, late lunch is about to become an early dinner. Frankly, I can't decide if I want to go out, or cook the pork chops that are in the refrigerator. This kind of confusion sets in when I'm both tired and haven't eaten all day...

With luck, I'll get to city hall tomorrow to verify my voter status. I sent my change of address to them the end of April; they called me to say they would not have it processed for the recall primary the first week of May. (shhh...I didn't vote in the primary). But I see on the state voter website my address has not been updated, and as of last Saturday, I received a piece of mail, correctly addressed to me at my current address, telling me my voting place was in West Allis. Oy. I'm beginning to suspect a deliberate attempt to disenfranchise me. Time to read the city clerk the riot act.

That about does it for here.

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