Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday naptime

The Friday of a vacation week has always seemed to me to be the unofficial end of the vacation. Even though there are a few days left, activities to be done and places to go, that last Friday signals the end of actual time off. Just a weekend to go until back to work.

It's been a quiet week. If pressed, I couldn't put together a list of the things I've done, other than in generalities. This isn't so much that I've not done anything, but rather that things overall have been a bit fuzzy lately. The only way I can describe it is that it is like constantly walking around in a light fog - outlines of things are a bit fuzzy, the middle distance obscured. I have the darnedest time making up my mind about anything (I skipped lunch entirely the other day because I couldn't decide what to eat). As usual, I think I'm a quart or so low on red blood cells. Back to taking iron with its unpleasant side effects, I suppose.

The house is cleaner, the living room rearranged. Papers are sorted, if not entirely put away. Cookbooks have been perused, other books finished and new ones begun. The windows have been closed tight while the air conditioning ran continuously, then were thrown open wide to let in the fresh, cool air two days later. The day after that, I considered turning on the heat.

The B90Days program began (for me - I jumped the gun by a day) on Sunday. It's challenging to read such huge swaths of Scripture at one time. The time commitment isn't that onerous; about forty-five minutes to an hour a day will cover it. The danger lies in reading too quickly, skimming rather than savoring.

I'm off to take the nap for which I came upstairs two hours ago. The fluctuating weather caught me out, and I came down with a cold that hit like a load of bricks on Thursday morning. Not that I need an excuse to put my feet up, thrown on a quilt and sit and read/rest most of the day. Still, a quiet weekend ahead, gathering strength for the week ahead.


melissa said...

Sorry about the cold, but a good excuse (as you said, who needs one?) to be quiet and cozy.

Sometimes a tiny illness is a refreshment. Keeps a person from overdoing.

Enjoy your weekend, sweet friend. :)

Katharine said...

Hope your cold didn't hang around, I'm trying to play catch up with all of my blog reading... Your description of sitting with your feet up under a quilt- that sounds soooo good! Hope your week is wonderful!