Saturday, September 06, 2014

The fine art of distraction

Sigh. The to-do list for the day is rather long, though not particularly tedious. In spite of being up fairly early, not much has been knocked off the list.

The most recent distraction is this picture, or more specifically, ordering an enlargement of this picture. It was taken on a chilly weekend in January up in Sturgeon Bay. Several inches of new snow covered the mostly frozen bay; I simply had to pull over and take this picture. No processing at all after the fact, this image is straight from the under-$100 Canon digital point and shoot. The bigger picture will be part of a grouping that features a winter farmhouse scene a friend photographed. He was kind enough to get me a 9 x 12" print when I said I liked it. It's been professionally framed, and is now leaning against the wall waiting for me to actually put a new nail in my fairly recently painted walls.

Ah, the great fear of nail holes. They aren't as scary when the walls are a light color and filling them isn't obvious, but with darker brown walls, I really would like to get the positioning done correctly the first time.

Along with that picture, I've asked for a print of this one. This is actually a scanned image of the original 8 x 10 print. Taken thirty years ago while I was on a cruise, with a 35mm Nikon point and shoot film camera, this is one of my very favorite photos. The negative is lost somewhere, so the scan will at least insure I have the ability to get more prints.

The sky started to clear a bit after one of those short, hard downpours, and streamed through to the water in visible rays. I knew I needed to have something to anchor the image - the lifeboat seemed a fitting addition. Again, no post processing - and contrary to first glance, this is a color picture. In person, the sun's reflection on the water is much more golden.

Yes, distractions. The laundry is at least started, an egg casserole has been baked to be frozen for breakfasts. In addition to ordering these prints, I printed off a number of other photos, mostly of the move and recent projects for the scrapbook. Printing photos isn't on today's list, needless to say.

Since no one has yet invented a self-cleaning house, I'd better get to it.

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