Friday, September 12, 2014

It has to be the weather

It's been a rocky day, and there are still two and a half hours until quitting time. I'm blaming it on yet another long, frustrating encounter with customer service from U.S. Cellular (really, truly, I DO NOT WANT the $25 credit you are offering, it will just make it harder to track the ways in which you still have my account wrong after three months - better yet, just FIX the dang account).

But that's not it.

Tracking down what it is that's got me on the verge of an emotional melt down isn't easy, though. Too much work? Lots on my plate, but nothing too overwhelming. Too much to do at home? Again, things to do, assuming other people quit taking up my time with all things that revolve around them (but demand my immediate attention), but nothing too difficult to get done.

I've been tired all week. In fact, I slept through the night last night, without even the usual jaunt to the facilities mid-sleep cycle. If my bed were more comfortable (year twenty, at least, on this mattress/box spring set), I could stay there indefinitely.

It has to be the weather.

More precisely, the change in the weather. We dropped something like thirty degrees over night Wednesday to Thursday, with Thursday's high temperature setting a record low for the earliest day this cold - ever. It's not much warmer today.

Don't get me wrong, I generally adore days with highs in the fifties, but this almost psychotic change caught me off guard. My grocery order for tomorrow is full of winter vegies; the forecast says it will stay unseasonably cool (but not quite as cold as today) for long enough to eat my way through them.

I need sleep, time away from people and zero demands on my time. With a little luck, I may be able to manage that this weekend.

Disturb at your own risk.

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