Friday, September 05, 2014

Slow loading Friday

Ah, Friday. Time for clearing out some brain fluff in preparation for the weekend.

John Kerry is an idiot. Scripture says nothing about Muslims at all, much less that they are the worst victims of global warming. Maybe he is confusing the Bible with the Koran?

There was a bit of a shoot out along the main drag near my home overnight Tuesday. The cops responded to the report of an auto accident - a car in a ditch, front end crumpled against and demolishing - wait for it - the sign for the AAA building. They discovered that the driver of the car had been shot, then noticed additional bullet holes in the car. Shell casings up and down the road for about a quarter of a mile.

The driver died the next day; his passenger, while quite banged up from the accident, will live. Police are still looking for the driver of the other car - you know, the one chasing the wrecked car, shooting at the occupants. They believe the driver was specifically targeted, so those of us who live less than a mile from the scene really have nothing to worry about. Still...

Most of my plants are dead. Both baskets of flowers went to the great greenhouse in the sky a while ago. One of the "Mr. Bowling Ball" shrubs will probably not make it - I put it a bit too far back and forgot about the overhang of the eaves (a good four feet). It will never get enough water back there unless I commit to watering it every day for the rest of its life. The hydrangea, however, is doing quite well. It has a sunny corner and no nasty overhanging eaves, and has steadily grown.

The weeds are fairly healthy in the front bed. Out they come - tomorrow, when it isn't so humid you need an oxygen tank to get a decent breath. I have a viola and a blue star creeper to plant as well - just arrived yesterday.

Hope springs eternal, you know.

The original plan was to use the creeper as ground cover around the bushes in the front bed. I didn't make a decision until late, and the nursery at that point was only taking orders for fall shipping (you see, they actually care that their plants get the best possible chance to survive, which makes me wonder why they took me as a customer). The issue with the front bed, however, is that the edging on it is two layers of trapeziodal bricks. That particular shape makes a nice, curving border, however, the shape of the bed is rectangular. That leaves lots of little gaps through which a feisty creeper can creep. Given my track record in upkeep (did I mention one rather aggressive weed is taller than my little round shrub?), I don't think it's a great idea to plant the blue star in the front bed.

It can, however, be contained in one of the urns on the patio. If, next summer or sometime in the future, I do manage to put a better border on that bed, I can always transplant some of it. In the meantime, I'll mulch the heck out of the front bed to keep Monster Weed Thing from coming back.

Oh - and the violas were always meant for the patio, for the urn that gets only an hour or so of sun a day. They should be happy back there.

Let's just say that when I get to heaven and God assigns me my work for eternity, it won't involve gardening, at least if He intends to keep the new earth Eden-lush.

On deck for the weekend: cleaning. But cleaning with a purpose. While the house needs a general going over, (much of which can be done tonight), I really, really want to tear apart the sewing studio. Again. At long last I've final plans on what to put on the walls, how I want the sewing desk arranged and which supplies I truly need close to me when I sew. The desk itself needs to go forward about a foot (fortunately, it's on rollers), and the library-card-catalog-looking-CD-storage-unit-turned-thread-cabinet needs to be moved to the opposite wall, but that's it for major furniture moving.

A week or so ago I finally found a lamp that works well for additional lighting (no overhead light in that room, not an issue when I'm at the machine, where I have both the bright lights from the machine and a natural daylight floor lamp, but an issue if you are trying to iron, find thread or pull a book from the shelves at night). A floor lamp that takes a three way bulb, with an upward focused shade, it also has an attached, flexible reading lamp, perfect for shining on the ironing board.

Anyway, it's supply control that is the issue, along with works-in-progress. I really, really need to get to work. Or rather, start to finish things more quickly. Hopefully, this final rearranging will make everything easier.

There will be time, too, to read. I'm almost done with a delightful book on decorating. With about seventeen weeks to go in the year, I'm about three-four books ahead of my "book per week" goal. I'm even making a little bit of progress on the non-fiction books. That may change this month, as two preorders for books from some favorite authors should drop in the next two weeks.

Thieves, maybe. When the clematis came out, I was left with a wire trellis about five feet high. It's been leaning against the wall, inside the patio, for a bit. As I was drifting off to sleep last night, I realized I didn't remember seeing it recently. Sure enough, a quick glance this morning confirmed it was gone. I'd offered it to a friend, but she would have told me had she come to get it when I wasn't home. It's a puzzlement.

Gun battles, thieves...this is supposed to be a quiet, law-abiding part of the city.

I've babbled on for long enough, time to get to work and finish off the week.


Anonymous said...

At first I tried to imagine somebody fencing hot gardening supplies, but after thinking it over I suppose they'd just be looking for scrap. Hope it actually was your friend who removed the trellis.

Diane said...

Ha - "fencing" a trellis. I need to call her today anyway, and will ask.