Monday, June 16, 2014

Good fences hedges make good neighbors

The little bit of gardening I've been doing has me noticing things I might not otherwise.

For instance, the guy in the corner lot across from the entrance to my condo complex put up a hedge. It makes sense; the road is going to be widened two years from now, with a bike lane and sidewalk put on his side of the street. A hedge will give them a bit of privacy, not to mention shielding them from the headlights of anyone turning left out of our complex.

He chose those tall, narrow evergreen things. I think (in fact, I'm sure) it's the same variety of arborvitae that our association is tearing out* this summer.

At any rate, he put a dozen or so of the shrubs in, each already about five feet tall. They are spaced not quite a foot apart. That's going to be one hefty hedge when they start to fill in.

Glad I'm not responsible for trimming them.

The rain and mild weather we've had over the last several weeks have turned my neighborhood into a lush, gorgeous garden. In spite of being essentially an urban area, the house lots in my neighborhood are large, and the suburb is rather old and established. Mature trees, full grown landscaping and few sidewalks give the area a rural-ish feel.

All things I didn't consider when I was figuring out where to purchase a condo, but for which I'm thankful every day.

*The ranch style buildings in our association have u-shaped patios (surrounded on three sides by actual building). The arborvitae is planted on the fourth side, giving the patio a bit of privacy, and sparing passersby from having to look at whatever is on the patio. But they take some upkeep, and have grown so tall they keep most of the sunlight from reaching the interior. So out they come. Now, the unit owners can replace the shrubs with four foot tall fences - at their own expense. I'm not sure what the association will think of those who chose not to have a fence...

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