Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday morning quickie

No, not that kind. I'm working on a very long, meme post, but want to catch things up a bit (or blow some lint out of my brain), so here we are.

- Going to my best friend's tonight for dinner, to meet the woman who was her bestie for the almost three years she lived in Missouri. I'm looking forward to it - anyone who took care of Pam when she was far away is already a wonderful person, as far as I'm concerned!

- Drinks with another friend early happy hour-ish on Saturday. Because every so often, I need to feel like a grown up. Or more sophisticated than I am. Or...heck, we're going to Appleby's. 'Nuf said.

- The sweet hydrangea doesn't look happy. I need to trim off a couple of branches that don't seem to be making it, so the poor baby doesn't waste any growing energy trying to fix them. The weather has been uncooperative since it was planted - really hot, then cool for this time of year, and very, very wet this week and (projected) most of next.

- The dianthus for the ground cover out front has arrived. Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be mostly dry; that is the only dry window until next weekend. It won't take long to plant them.

- So much cleaning to do. So very little energy. Found out my thyroid function dropped a bit again; the med dose has been increased, but it takes a week or more to feel the effects. I can deal with the other symptoms of being hypothyroid (and have for decades) but the fatigue and brain fog make life difficult.

- Cleaning because the long delayed murder mystery dinner is next week Sunday. It's wine country themed, but the dinner itself is turning out to be more American picnic. Trying to keep things easy and make ahead: pulled pork sandwiches, home made coleslaw, greens & raspberry salad, relishes, beans and a red velvet cake (thank you, Pepperidge Farms) for dessert.

- Assigning roles for the mystery was disturbingly easy. This is either going to be very, very good, or horribly wrong.

- Two weeks from today is the 4th of July. Good grief.

- Finally finished the Song of Ice and Fire series last weekend. The first of the five books was published in 1996; it takes Martin forever to issue new books, so who knows how long I'll have to wait for book six. This week I blew through Larry Correia's delightful Monster Hunter Legion, and discovered that the next book in the series, Monster Hunter Nemesis, was just released this past Monday. I know where some of my time will go this weekend. Wouldn't have thought I'd enjoy paramilitary scifi/fantasy so much.

- So I don't seem like quite such a nerd, I also finished Glenn Reynolds' The New School: How Technology Will Save American Education from Itself. Working in higher ed, I try to stay a half step ahead of the tsunami of change that is racing over the ocean seeking to destroy us.

- Reading at lunch has helped get me through so much material, but it also makes me not want to get back to work...just one more chapter...

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