Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday fluff, fogged in edition

Yet another foggy morning. The big fireworks show that was rescheduled to last night due to fog on the original performance night has been rescheduled again - to next week Tuesday.

The fog making machine is supposed to finally clear out for good over this weekend, as temps climb into the eighties. The humidity isn't going down much, unfortunately. Cold and damp versus hot and muggy; of the two combinations, I prefer the former.

Stopped at the local high end grocer to pick up the pork shoulder I forgot to order, along with several bottles of wine. You can't really put on a vineyard themed murder mystery without wine, can you? Sad to say, I'm not really feeling the mystery vibe, at least not yet. I've tried to make the lunch as easy as possible, which it really is (the pork is crock pot cooked, the coleslaw can be made Saturday and the salad is 95% bagged - guests are bringing filler). The cleaning will get done. I'm just not quite into role-playing mode yet.

I'm happy to say I've resisted all urges to peak in the character booklets or run off the accompanying DVD. Well, I did peak at the first page of my own character's booklet, to find out the name of her winery. The plan is to make sleeves to cover the actual labels on the wine bottle, using the name of the character's vineyard. Let's just say what little I read makes me think this is going to be a doozy of a game.

After work I need to stop at the fabric store to pick up a photo I've had framed. It's a black and white print of a farm, taken by a friend (who is one of the mystery participants). I've had it framed, though it won't be hung by Sunday. There are two, maybe three places I could put it, though one location involves moving two other things, and a second means bringing down the big ladder in order to reach the spot above the mantel that will need the hook. Too much trouble with the cooking and cleaning.

On a practical basis, does the Supreme Court slapping the POTUS's wrist on those non-recess appointments mean those people are un-appointed, or is this just a symbolic thing? If they remain in place, the damage they are causing just continues.

Monday afternoon I have the annual eye exam. Quite aside from the joy of being blind for hours after the dilation (and after almost two weeks of fog and gloom, Monday will be sunny), I need to wear my glasses rather than contacts for at least 24 hours before the appointment. I just don't see as well with the glasses. Not having any (clear) peripheral vision is annoying. The weight bugs me (strong prescriptions, even with the lightest possible lens material, weight a lot). The slightly fuzzy vision gives me a headache.

It still needs to be done; I've been squinting for several weeks. I've been doing too much of my reading on backlit screens instead of in real books or on the grey scale Kindle.

That's about it here. Have a great weekend!

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