Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reading list, updated

As is obvious, I've fallen short of listing the books I've read each month. Frankly, I've been too busy reading.

The 2014 reads page has been updated as of tonight. Thus far, it looks like 24 books, pretty close to my goal of one book per week. I've listed each book in an omnibus as a separate entry (and in the case of the Game of Thrones books - each a hefty 700 pages or so, I feel I should get credit for two books for each title listed).

It seems I've spent a good part of the year reading series, all of which were new to me. I have a rather annoying habit of going back and reading every book an author has published if I read one book they've written that I like.

I'm working on finishing up the couple of nonfiction tomes I'm partway through. Then it will be back to light fiction for the rest of the summer.

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