Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy day daybook

Outside my window - More rain. The weather people actually had a wind chill temperature to report this morning, a chilly twenty-eight degrees. On the flip side, the grass and trees are greening up nicely.

I am thinking - That I need to make some summer plans. My workload drops dramatically after May 15th, meaning my hours drop to "normal". The extra time in the evening, along with the longer daylight hours (when the sun is not obscured by rain clouds) needs to be cherished and used, not wasted.

I am thankful - That God takes care of me, even when I don't realize I need to be watched over. The number of times I can see evidence of His protection and watch-care make me wonder how many other times there have been of which I'm unaware.

In the kitchen - It looks a bit like the site of a wildfire, three months after the burning, before regrowth has begun. It's neat enough, and in the refrigerator and cabinets lurk the roots of good things, but the last month last seen more carry out than dine in. That changes this weekend.

I am wearing - black skirt, red top. If the vent above my desk continues to blow, a black cardigan will be added to the mix.

I am creating - A plan for decorating the office. Long story short - office painted, new person hired, rumor of changing offices, rebellion, boss backed down, waited to see if it would stick. The upshot is that I have nothing at all on the fairly large expanse of wall. I do have at least six boxes' worth of records that can go into storage in the basement. A rainy summer Saturday (if things keep up the way they are, I'll have a slew to pick from) would see all that packed away and quilts, pictures and certificates hung.

I am reading - The third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Still. I'd love to finish this and the next two books before vacation (which starts 5/24). Thinking that won't happen.

I am hoping - That I remember to start - and keep up with - the on-line book study I'm doing this summer through Good Morning Girls. The book arrived almost two weeks ago. It was hard to resist delving into it immediately; unfortunately, as time passes I keep forgetting it is even there.

I am looking forward to - Half days off starting the first full week of July. In the past, I've done mostly full days for "summer hours". I find that I resent working ten hours a day when I drive both to and from work in the light (in the winter, when it is typically dark both ways (and my workload is heavier) I don't mind as much), even for the joy of a three day weekend. With the half day option, thanks for my habit of coming in early, I need only add fifteen minutes a day to the other four days a week in order to take a half day on Friday. Again, thanks to the early bird habit, that half day begins at ten-fifteen in the morning.

A few plans for the weekend - Nada, zilch, nothing. At least nothing that will take me away from home (unless I can find a movie matinee - I've a couple of gift cards to use up). Lots to do around home, and I've been running much more than usual the last two weeks. The condo shows it.

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