Friday, May 09, 2014

Apologetic randomosity

The muse, she is a fickle witch. There are half a dozen substantive posts half finished, waiting for that spark that will wrap all the points up well. But my muse left for Mexico sometime in late February, when it became apparent that her friend, Madam Winter, was bound and determined to take up semi-permanent residence in Wisconsin.

If she is waiting for warmer weather to come back, she needs to look into booking her ticket. We hit just above eighty degrees late yesterday afternoon, though with storms approaching. I'd left the bedroom window open - no rain can get in, but the overall humidity in the air can. Sleeping last night was one of those on-again, off-again affairs of the blanket.

From noon today until dinnertime Sunday looks to be wonderful - sunny and seventy degrees, perfect for my patio project. Alas, both days of the weekend are spoken for by other things from the time I get up until about 1:30. It's not that I couldn't work on it in the afternoons, but more that I also have other things that need to be done. Choices, choices.

The patio project needs to get done for two reasons: 1) I'd like to use the patio to relax on when I'm on vacation after Memorial Day, and 2) waiting to buy flowers to plant until the week before Memorial Day is crazy. Since we tend to have a surprise frost as late as mid-May, everyone in Wisconsin waits until Memorial Day to buy and plant their annuals, as well as pick up what they need for more ambitious outdoor projects. The hardware and gardening centers are zoos the entire week before the holiday.

Why haven't I already bought my plants? See above about fear of frost. Mine are going in above-ground urns, which freeze much more readily. Sigh. I should have nice, full, blooming urns by about September, in time to enjoy them for a month before we start wondering about light frost. Still, I love Wisconsin's seasons, even when winter overstays her welcome.

Quilt class tomorrow. My sole plan is to resist spending anything in the shop while I'm out there. There is almost nothing I need, quilting-wise. As long as I keep telling myself that, I should be fine.

Easter Seals is coming to pick up my boxes of donation stuff on Wednesday. That would be the stuff purged from the unpacked boxes still sitting in the studio. I'd seal the boxes and give them away with out even looking in them (after all, it's been 2 1/2 years and I haven't unpacked them) if it weren't that I know for a fact there are a few things that are still in the boxes only because I haven't figured out where to store them in the condo. Like the cordless drill. The level. Some gorgeous Longaberger baskets I have no place to display.

That sorting is one of the "other things" that needs to be done this weekend. It's a domino effect as well, as I then need to find spots for the things I'm keeping, which means sorting out the current storage places, like the other, non-sewing stuff side of the immense closet in the studio.

The readathon rekindled (heh - reading device joke) my desire to spend rather large quantities of time each day with a book in front of my face, adding another layer of tension to the "choices" choices. Sigh - I need to learn to like listening to audio books.

The better weather brought out the crazies - the woman (with several children) standing in the middle of the right lane, middle of the block, waiting to cross the street; the kid on a bike weaving in and out of the driving lanes between moving cars to get to the other side; people who have no idea where they are going but are just "out for a walk". I understand the urge; what I don't understand is the inattention to your surroundings.

There is an 18" pile of seven or eight foot long boards in our parking garage, stacked against the basement wall my neighbor and I share. It appeared sometime last fall, after some repairs were made to a different neighbor's basement. In the last week, that stack has stealthily moved, bit by bit, at least three feet further along towards my side of the shared wall. If after the annual walk-through the property managers try to tell me to remove it, they will get an earful. Honestly, I don't understand what is so difficult about cleaning up your own mess.

Better get to it. I plan to stay a bit longer tonight, as I need the printer to get some stuff ready for Monday. People will yell if I ask them not to use this printer (one of three networked in our office, for 20 people); it's just easier to wait until people start to clear out.

Happy weekend!

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