Sunday, May 18, 2014

In the good old noisy old summertime

It must finally be summer - with the patio doors open, I can hear the motorcycle being gunned two streets over, the neighbors kitty-corner across the way shouting at one another (they only talk to one another when one is inside the house, one on the patio, and from the sounds of things, one or both of them have a hearing problem), the lawn service starting the mowing before seven on a Sunday morning.

Ah, summer.

The warm, fresh air is much appreciated after the frost warnings we had for Friday morning. We should be beyond any more mornings like that; I plan to start buying my plants after work tomorrow night.

I must still be getting over that week-long tummy bug, because all I wanted to do this weekend was sleep. Insomnia, however, made her once-in-a-blue-moon appearance. Went to bed an hour and a half later than usual last night, could not fall asleep (I'm generally out within ten minutes) and finally got back up after forty minutes of tossing. Read until almost 12:30. Up at five, back to bed forty-five minutes later, got up for good at seven-thirty.

The morning was slow going. But around one the energy level hit "full" again. Yesterday I assembled the Jumbo Joe (18 1/2" Weber portable) grill and the small table it will sit on. Today I tackled the pressure washer.

Have I ever mentioned I really like putting things together - and I'm pretty good at it? If you are local and need help with something, give me a call. I have no fear of little allen wrenches and swedish furniture.

After it was assembled, I spent an hour gazing on my creation, rather than actually using it. It is supposed to storm Monday late into Tuesday, but be clear from then on. I'd like to be able to wash the patio and have it dry, so I can put out the rest of the stuff.

The assembly bug has bitten, though, so it was off to the kitchen to make a tuna casserole. I got a little carried away. There were a couple of containers of cremini mushroom slices that needed to be used, and a little bit of chopped up red onion just sitting there, plus some celery. Add two cans of tuna and the egg noodles, and it's a pretty full dish. Since I was that deep in, a bread crumb/Parmesan cheese mix went on top. It's in the oven now.

The impetus for making the casserole was a mostly full gallon of milk that needed to be used up. There's still quite a bit left, and some blueberries that need to be used...yup, I think muffins may be made tonight as well. They freeze well, and make a perfect mid-morning snack.

See, left overs and stuff that "needs" to be used up can provide a bounty. I'll probably be eating tuna casserole for lunch all week...

(Funny, if gross note - Blogger's spell check wanted to change "cremini" to "cremains". Um, no.)

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