Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet Friday

It's especially sweet knowing I'm on vacation next week. Naturally, today will drag. Some snippets:

- Let there be @#$^%@ light. For some unknown reason, my eyes were exceptionally photosensitive this morning. It is a bright, clear, cloudless - and did I mention bright? morning. The first quarter of my drive today was done with one eye closed, the other in a squint.

- Loss. A sweet friend has stage IV pancreatic cancer. There isn't a whole lot that can be done. Pancreatic cancer is rarely discovered until it is late stage and treatments aren't very effective.

She and her family have a strong faith, are fully confident that death isn't the end, but rather the start of a glorious eternity. It sucks that this is happening, but they know even this is in God's hand, in His timing and for His purposes. If you are so inclined, pray for Pamella and Phil, their kids and grandkids. Pray for the "peace that passes understanding", for the ability to understand the medical jargon, to make informed, discerning decisions about treatment plans and end of life care. Pray for as much pain and drug-haze free time as possible for the family to enjoy one another.

Cancer has to be one of the worst effects of man's fall.

- Quiet. It's probably a good thing that this next week is rather formless. Except for a gardening date tomorrow morning, a craft day Friday and the annual A/C serving Thursday afternoon, there's nothing on the calendar. I'm feeling the need to get in the car and wander a bit. Driving clears my head.

- Nest feathering. If any "projects" get done next week, it will be the things around the house I keep talking about - but not actually doing. Along with the driving, I find puttering (assuming I don't run into any big obstacles) to be restful. Tackling and finishing a short list of easy to finish tasks always provides an energy lift.

Who knows, I may finish cutting down all the boxes in the basement.

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