Saturday, April 26, 2014


Note to self: Do not attempt to spend much time reading while sitting in the recliner as this may lead to unexpected nap taking.

Picked up lunch on the way home from Starbucks (yes, I was there reading from 7 a.m. to three minutes to noon). Kept reading while eating. Moved over the recliner after lunch. Such a nice view out the patio windows of our sunny day from that chair.

When your eyes are open.

It was less than an hour that I was out, and in my defense, I entertained last night, and I was a bit tired.

Still in Westeros, started at location 10500, now at 13400 (out of 84282, the count for all five Game of Thrones novels, which are all in this bundle). The summer issue of The Cottage Journal served as a before lunch palate cleanser. I know I should move to the couple of books I'd intended to finish, but I'll choose fiction over nonfiction every time.

The kindle fire is almost out of juice, so it's on the charger. Not to fear, I've still the original kindle keyboard, though at the moment I'm planning to read on the computer. If worse comes to worst, I've at least a hundred actual books scattered around the house.

Hershey nuggets to keep up my strength until dinner time.


Maree said...

Rest is important too! You're doing great! :D

Leann Richardson said...

I like the term you used... palate cleanser. I need that, too. After reading a book I had to take a break and put something lighter in before starting something else. This Randy Alcorn book intrigues me... I will have to look for that one.