Saturday, April 26, 2014

Are the updates annoying yet?

Just finished the first book in the Song of Fire and Ice (Game of Thrones) series just a few minutes ago. Time for a dinner break, I think, and something warm to drink.

It's time to do laundry; I'm wearing a very short sleeved, v-neck t-shirt in a house that seems cold. These in between seasons are difficult - too warm for the heat to kick in, but with the bedroom window open (it's been open all winter), even the upstairs gets a bit chilly.

Despicable Me is on television tonight; one of the many talents I have is the ability to read and watch t.v. simultaneously. More or less. At any rate, I can run the movie in the background as I read. The only question is what to read, to continue in the series, or move over to the non-fiction I'd really like to finish.

A fire might be nice, too. It doesn't throw a lot of heat (cheap gas insert was put in the natural fireplace by the previous owners at their real estate agent's suggestion; if the fireplace had still been a wood burner, I would not have bought the place (too lazy to clean it) - but it's not one of the nice sealed ones that have the heat blowing fan) but it adds to the ambiance.

Notes for next year: Plan to do at least a few hours of books on tape, or better yet, on the ipod. All this sitting around is making me sore. With audio books, I can at least do dishes, dust or take a walk while "reading".

Books finished: Game of Thrones (first book in Song of Fire and Ice series); summer issue of The Cottage Journal

Pages read: 134 in the magazine

Location numbers (kindle book): 10500 - 13769 (Game of Thrones)

Places read in: Starbucks, dining room, recliner, loft computer desk


Leann Richardson said...

I know my updates have gotten people to the point of banning my posts I am sure! LOL I love your posts... keep them coming!!!

Sarah said...

I really enjoyed the songs of ice and fire. We started watching the HBO series via the library and hubby and I decided to start reading the whole series.