Saturday, April 26, 2014

Close to packing it in

Cozy corner. Out of sight to the right, the warm quilt to
snuggle in.
This has been my reading spot for the last three hours. I took the picture before I finished cozy-ing it up, with a plate of grape tomatoes, strawberries, cheddar cheese and crackers, along with a nice big insulated cup of (regular) coffee.

In spite of the coffee, I'm starting to flag. It was seven a.m. when I started reading, and except for the unexpected nap, I've pretty much read straight through. Fourteen hours.

It's a good thing I've been staying hydrated, as the need to eliminate all that liquid has served to get me out of the chair periodically. I may be more sore tomorrow than if I had done fourteen hours of garden work.

I started the second book, A Clash of Kings. Officially, location 14900 right now, having begun at 10500. I have no idea what that translates to in pages read. The paperback version of this set of novels runs 4,272 pages according to Amazon. I started the first book before the readathon began, but am three or four chapters into the second book as of now. With five books, each one would be an average of 850 pages in the paperback.

While I read quickly, I don't think I've covered more than 800 pages so far today, though I'm fairly certain I may have hit 675 - 700. These novels are engaging, the world created in their pages interesting and the characters compelling. I just wish I'd started the books when I started my vacation, eleven days ago. Though if I had, nothing else would have gotten done.

Most Sunday mornings I hit up a Starbucks for the couple of hours between when I usually leave the house on a weekday and the time church starts. That time is generally spent reading, so I'm going to count whatever is read there as part of the readathon, since I won't be staying up all night. I'd hate to start snoring during the pastor's sermon.


Tasha Brandstatter said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job--700 pages is nothing to sneeze at. Hope you're enjoying the books!

ollie's world said...
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Anonymous said...

With such a cozy couch I'm surprised there was only one unexpected nap! Nicely done!

Unknown said...

I'm impressed you can stay awake in such a cozy corner.

Well done on the readathon.

Happy Reading.

Jill from Team Butler.

PS No snoring in church. ;)

Joy said...

That does look cozy! I hope you're recovering nicely today from the read-a-thon.

Joy's Book Blog