Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday night already?

I cannot believe it is already Sunday night. Back to work tomorrow, but to an office in which it will be much easier to concentrate on my current project: my boss is on vacation for two weeks.

Made an alternate chicken with wild rice soup tonight. My go-to CWR soup is cream based, but this one is broth based, and not thickened at all. Still very yummy. I ate my fill for dinner, and still have five very full individual containers for lunches this week (a couple will most likely be frozen, as even this soup lover can't see eating the same soup for the entire week(.

I tore apart the foyer this afternoon, removing the long runner and anti-skid pad, vacuuming and steaming the tile, dusting high and low and inside the bowl shaped light fixture. The runner was laid out in the living room, vacuumed, then scrubbed with carpet cleaner. It turned out well.

No one can come in my front door now until all the snow (and the mud that follows its melting) is gone.

That would be most of the cleaning (other than dishwashing) that got done this weekend. I finished up the second set of books in Hugh Howey's Silo Saga on Saturday, and am about 250 pages into the 458 total. All that reading, plus a few naps, rather used up the weekend.

And so, it's Sunday night already, time to toddle off to bed. The local ABC affiliate disappeared from my television tonight (not sure if it transmission issues on their part or receiving issues on mine) and the PBS station is all digital-blocky, so no Downton tonight. Eh, I can listen to Lady Mary whine some other time.

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