Thursday, February 13, 2014

Long arm of the...quilter

The local paper has a feature story today on a local quilter. She was the long time owner of the local quilt shop that was closest to me when I first started quilting thirty-some years ago. It was an adventure to make a visit, something that required a clear time frame for wandering the aisles and fondling the fabric.

The store still exists, in much the same format, if larger in square footage, as it did when Trudy owned it. Still fun to wander among all the bolts, and I can find my favorite thread there as well.

It's worth it to view the video linked in the article. In one of the first shots, a little cutie is wrapped in a quilt of the same pattern as one I hope to reveal here sometime next week. Later in the video, you can see a long arm quilting machine in use.

I'm slowly aiming toward much the same set up - a small business providing machine quilting and embroidery services. I don't intend to get rich (not really possible in this particular business, and certainly not in this political climate), but I would like to earn enough to keep me in quilting supplies. I enjoy the actual quilting - the joining of top, batting and backing - more than piecing the tops.

The video shows the long arm in fully computerized mode. It's possible to disconnect the computer and go wild on your own (which would be my preference). Gorgeous work can be done either way. A Swedish quilting pal started a long arm business five or six years ago, and is turning out some incredible quilts. I've been trolling her site for samples of quilting motifs; I'm sure she won't view me as competition, given our customer bases are on different continents!

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