Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday wanderings

- As I said on Facebook last night, I heard the dying battery chirp from a smoke detector as I sat down at the computer to check e-mail once more before going to bed. From the volume, the sound seemed to be coming from the detector on the ceiling above the door to my bedroom - the ceiling that is both slanted and very high, as it continues up into the loft. Grr. I was exhausted, but I dragged the little giant ladder (seventeen footer) out of it's place in the loft closet and started to set it up...

...when I heard the chirp again, but this time, under my feet. There is a smoke detector on the ceiling of the first floor hallway, almost directly under the one on the second floor. Yes, it was that one that was sounding off. The one that I can almost reach just by standing on tip toe, due to the somewhat odd configuration of levels and pipes in this place.

Too tired to go down and pull it, and I can sleep through anything. With the fan on, I could barely hear it in the bedroom. The three times I got up in the night had nothing to do with the chirping, but rather several very large glasses of water.

- Day off today. My boss and the lawyers have been going back and forth over a single point on a return all week, and there was a possibility I'd have to go in, or talk my boss through making a change on a piece of software that he's never used. I didn't find out until I checked my phone at 11:30, prior to going out, that he had texted me. Silly man - I don't generally text, and would never have looked for that as a first line of communication from work. Anyway, all is well, and he is leaving on vacation for two weeks starting tomorrow, so I'll have some peace.

- Trip out to my favorite quilt shop for a class today. Met a high school friend there - we instantly recognized each other by our voices. Funny, that. I took a wish list in to the shop, and got prices for all the goodies I want to collect, either with my tax refund or over the next year. Holy moly, some of those gadgets are pricey. Even though I'd get 19% off if I bought on bonus bag day, some things may be out of my price range entirely. Or at least my conscience's range.

- I did watch some of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. The parade of nations is always the best part of the entire two weeks. Loved the blazers worn by Spain. The USA cardigans...I like the idea of cardigans, as something different, but they were a bit...gaudy. In a few years I expect they will show up at ugly sweater parties.

- The mystery party may not happen next week...I'll decide by the end of the weekend. One couple may not be able to make it, which puts us short characters, even if I do double roles. We'll see.

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