Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Big brother must have censored the news

...because I know I didn't imagine this.

Granted, it was ten to five this morning, but my eyes were wide open. I read a news story on the local ABC affiliate's web site stating that a budget agreement had been reached. It outlined several major provisions (more money for Head Start, funding the IRS at 2009 levels), but also included a bit about a rollback of the requirements for phasing out incandescent bulbs.

Great rejoicing here over that last item. The previous owners had more than a dozen of those things installed in the fixtures (what wall/ceiling fixtures there are) in every room. Given that I keep the house one degree warmer than a meat locker (both winter and summer), it's always a bit gloomy as the CFLs take forever to warm up.

I popped over to Facebook to relay the news, then went back and reopened a tab to check something in the article.

It was gone.


No record of it.

No information on any other news sites about a deal being reached, either. It was apparently pulled - maybe someone jumped the gun when they posted it?

Made me think I was nuts for a minute.

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