Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The week is flying past

How is it that the week is flying, while hour-to-hour, time is dragging? It's Wednesday, so at least the day has that going for it.

Let's see, what's been going on in this corner of the world?

Last Saturday I finally went out to see the condo that the lovely Holly and her honey Chad bought last July. A good time was had by all. Their unit backs up against a small field/ravine that may be a utility right of way, so the open concept kitchen/living/dining room has a great view out the patio doors of trees and grass, rather than the neighboring buildings, as mine does. Lumos, their miniature schnauzer, rather enjoys watching out for trespassing squirrels and low flying birds.

I took a casserole, and an extra for the freezer. In the process, I confirmed that food prepared in my kitchen multiplies itself magically. The recipe is meant for a 9 x 13" pan. Although I measured the ingredients accurately, then split the recipe into two 8 x 8" pans, I still had enough left in the bowl to pour some into a slightly-smaller-than 5 x 7" pan. If you work out the volumes of each pan, it's pretty obvious that the ingredients magically multiplied in the process of being combined, yielding more than the expected amount.

There are worse problems to have.

The weather is still providing challenges. We had pouring, freezing rain when I left work on Friday. I had an oil change scheduled (on the other side of town from my workplace) that I didn't want to cancel. It took forty-five minutes for what should have been a fifteen minute ride home afterwards. I didn't want to take the freeway, as there had already been multiple reports of accidents. The city streets weren't much better.

Lots going on at work. "Nuff said about that.

Three day weekend next weekend! I had somehow forgotten that fact until last night. It makes my weekend plans a bit easier. No need to feel guilty about sleeping a little longer on Saturday when I know I have Monday off (I find I enjoy quilting and sleeping in equal measure; unfortunately, doing more of one means doing less of the other, unlike, say, reading a book while I'm cooking).

Speaking of cooking, there are a couple butternut squash and a pumpkin on my counter that need to be cooked this weekend, a last gasp of autumn goodness. I'd like to get one more crate of clementines this winter, too. We are entering the dead zone for seasonal food, the time when winter stuff is getting old and the first fruits of spring are but a distant promise.

A young friend is coming over tonight. I'm planning on baking up a loaf of pumpkin bread after work (from a mix, though the fresh pumpkin, when I finally cook and puree it, will also be used for bread). She's bringing a bottle of moscato she's been wanting to try...I already know I won't much care for it. Moscato is a sweet wine; I prefer my wine tart enough to produce a pucker. At any rate, I'll light a fire (and turn on the space heater) and we'll chat.

And that's about it. As indicated, the weekend will be spent sleeping/sewing/cooking. Assuming, of course, the weekend ever arrives.

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