Thursday, January 09, 2014


One of the perks of getting a year older is the "free" stuff you get from all those places whose discount/reward/credit cards you hold.

I say "free", because the point of the birthday greetings is to induce you to part with cold, hard cash. "Here is a FREE XYZ for your birthday! (free with qualifying purchase)".

To date, I've received:

- $15 off at JCPenney
- A free coffee or food item at Starbucks
- A free pastry at Panera (I also found out I have a free breakfast sandwich for the asking waiting at Panera as well)

If things run as they did last year, the hardware store will pass on $5 in savings, and one or more of the on-line retailers I use will do the same.

It's not much, but I rather enjoy perusing the JCP site while enjoying free pastry and coffee.

We'll see what today's (e-) mail brings.


Anonymous said...

Can I admit that I got carded last evening? I'll be 49 in a couple of weeks. Snoopy dance.

Diane said...

Woo hoo! Amazing how what was an annoyance at nineteen is a blessing thirty years later.

And it routinely amazes that I can say there are friends I've known for more than that.