Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two less holes in my head

"Physician's and Staff"

Odd the things you notice whilst in the doctor's (note: single practitioner) waiting room. Would you trust your health care to an office that can't proofread its own posters? To make matters worse, the poster must have been printed by the overall health care system, with their giant offices of public relations and post-this-to-lower-our-risk-of-litigation lawyers, and is posted across several sizable locations and multiple physicians' offices.

The "staff" wasn't exactly thrilled when I mentioned the error.

The stitches are out. Apparently, I'm healing very, very well. My brain, however, thinks that the healing incisions are likely to break open in a flood any second because the stitches are no longer holding them closed.

My brain is a worry wart doomsday monger.

I'm back to wearing a baseball hat, at least for a while. A month from now they will do a final check, provided I don't notice any issues before then.

The really good news? I can go back to having my hair colored in a couple of weeks. Since they want me to treat the areas gently, I may wait a couple of extra weeks, though. My hairdresser is a bit enthusiastic when shampooing and rinsing. At the moment, since I'm wearing my hair down instead of pulled back in a headband, the grey isn't much visible.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything came out all right.