Sunday, August 11, 2013

The weekend thus far

My head itches, and the stitches line still feels both numb (most of the time) and ouchy (accidentally dragging a comb over it). Strange.

But the weekend thus far has been what a weekend should be - extra sleep, slower pace and lots and lots of sewing.

Well, maybe not everyone would enjoy the sewing part. I'm trying to move along on the Feels Like Spring embroidery/quilt project that seems it will never end. While I've finished another two sets of embroidered blocks (the passion flower vine and the three vinca vines, if anyone is interested), I still have a lot to go, primarily because these flowers all seem to have bushes' worth of leaves. Each leaf is cut out separately. For the rose block alone I need something like forty-two leaves.

Well, not "something like", exactly like.

Even at the fastest speed, it still takes time for the machine to punch out all that fabric. So I run off episodes of Friday Night Lights, read a magazine, prep the next set of fabric and stabilizer. Now I finally understand why people have multiple sewing machines. I'd planned to eventually sell my other one, but I'm beginning to think I'll set it up behind the 830, so I'm sitting in between them. I can work on the artista while the 830 does its thing.

Pretty silly thing to grouch about, isn't it? Believe me, I'm fully aware how blessed I am, and am trying to make sure I use the machines for charity work as well as personal fun.

I almost replaced the power supply on my printer this afternoon, but was stymied by a tiny hex screw. I think my hex wrenches (why yes, I have a set; don't all girls?) are still in the tool box in the basement. The printer is up in the loft. Eh - I'll look for the wrenches on my way out tomorrow morning.

I did have an overdue shredding party. Stuff to file and other miscellany generally gets shoved stored pushed away and forgotten placed in the keyboard drawer of the computer desk (And just exactly where is the keyboard, you may ask? Either on the desk, or leaning against the desk leg. It's wireless, so I can move it out of the way easily.). This afternoon I spent half an hour or so going through it to shred the stuff that can't be thrown away as is, and to pull out the stuff that should be filed.

Note I didn't say I actually filed it. It went back in the drawer in a much neater state, to be filed on a day when it is cold and rainy outside, and warm and cozy up in the loft.

Besides, I'm starving and need to get some dinner in me. As you can see, when I'm hungry and my blood sugar is low I not only ramble on, I tend to overuse italics, strikethroughs and parenthetical remarks.

I really must be hungry tonight.


melissa said...

Must be tired here as well. When you mentioned an overdue shredding party, I was still thinking about your sore head and thought you said 'SHEDDING party.'

Oh my! :)

Diane said...

LOL - I am shedding a bit, but that's seasonal. I'm on my way to bed - hope you are too. Sweet dreams, my friend.

Katharine said...

I've just spent time catching up on your blog, I've had a bit of a health set back, and I'm so far behind on reading I think I may need a vacation just for catch-up! Hope you are feeling well, and recover soon!