Thursday, May 23, 2013

Still before breakfast

You know it's going to be a good day when you can remember the password to a seldom-used site correctly the first time.

I've a study guide printing for a summer book study - sixty-five total pages, printing double sided. The printer is a fairly new Canon, which, while it does a bang-up job on print quality, doesn't have the speed of the commercial printers at work. In other words, this will take a while.

I'm off through the holiday weekend. In fact, thanks to an additional half day, I was able to wander out of the office at 10:42 a.m. yesterday. To get the weekend off to a good start, I scheduled an embroidery module lesson on the 830 for later in the afternoon.

It was rainy and cold - not ideal weather for hauling the machine in and out of the condo and the shop, but the lesson was well worth the bother. There were two of us, doubling the fun, and an instructor who is an embroidery fiend. I've learned a ton, and this is just the first of the three lessons. My partner and I managed to schedule lesson two together as well, in just two weeks. I'm using up vacation days on Mondays through June, and finishing up the series of lessons on the machine is one of the things I'd planned to do on those days. Bonus for making a new friend, as well.

Cleaning this morning, and, hopefully, messing in the sewing studio in the afternoon. The A/C maintenance guy is coming in the afternoon, and groceries arrive between three and five p.m. It's a pretty windy, raw, rainy day; staying inside sounds like a good idea.

At some point, either tonight or tomorrow morning, a quick trip to the garden center is in order. I'd like to get in and out before the holiday crowds descend. The plan is to pick up one small hanging basket, two or four flowering plants and a tomato plant. That's pretty much all I need. The key is figuring out what I can plant that I can't kill, and that will survive the patio's schizophrenic sunshine pattern.

Time to wander downstairs for breakfast, I suppose. A quick list is in order, too, so I don't forget any of the little things I'd like to finish.

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