Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday miscellany 052013

It may be Monday, but it is an extremely short week. Two and a half days, to be precise. The university has a generous vacation policy; somehow, I always end up with a week or more left at the beginning of May that must be used by June 30th.

Lots of fun things planned for the longer long weekend. A lesson on the embroidery features of the 830, a visit from the air conditioning guy for routine annual maintenance (I lived for fifty years without air conditioning - trust me, being able to say the A/C tech is coming for annual maintenance is indeed a reason to rejoice), a craft day with a young friend and a worship music concert/event at church. Fill in the corners of the days with a bit of cleaning, plant shopping and potting and reading for one nice break.

This past weekend got away from me a bit. I slept in for a while on Saturday (7:30...lame, but it's almost three hours extra sleep), then messed around showering, getting dressed and throwing in a load of wash before an impromptu meeting with a friend for coffee.

Both of us had a list of cleaning/yard work/errands for the day; neither of us had much ambition. When we finally parted, we realized we'd been idly chatting for three hours. It was actually nice to be able to sit and talk without a deadline, even though all the other work was still there to be done. Need to do that more often.

Hot and humid are the words for today and tomorrow, followed by cooler and wet for the rest of the week. I can't remember a Memorial Day weekend when we didn't get some rain. Well, except for those when it has been beastly hot. For the first time this year I walked out of the house without a jacket on, feeling vaguely underdressed. Truth to tell, I miss the pockets more than anything. So much easier to get various sets of keys and identification cards out of pockets than the purse.

Better get back to it; it would be nice to clean the desk off completely before being off for those couple of days.

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