Thursday, May 23, 2013

Disappearing post

Is blogger messing around with things again? I published the post below just before 7:30 this morning, viewing it on the blog right after, as I always do. Yet when I looked just now, it wasn't there.

Is the sun over the yard arm? I need a glass of wine. Let's see...printed out a study guide, installed software, moved the refrigerator, swept behind it, vacuumed the rest of the kitchen, moved the refrigerator again to mop behind/around it, steam cleaned the kitchen floor, put away some odds and ends that accumulated on the dining room table, put some stuff back in the kitchen (had to take everything off the top of the fridge to move it), put away other odds and ends, scrubbed the sink, rearranged the stuff on the (also thoroughly cleaned) counters, exchanged more than half a dozen e-mail about canasta, made breakfast, lunch and two snacks, watched my soap, dealt with the A/C maintenance guy, got a grocery delivery and put away most of the stuff, managed to doze off for an hour when I sat down for a break...

Yeah, it's time for a break, but I daren't take one (see last bit above). Actually, there are still groceries to put away, and supper to make. If I have that glass now, I'll never make it.

Not exactly the way most people would spend a vacation day, but I had the urge. Besides, tomorrow is fun day. Out for coffee early, come home and set up for craft day. Easy eats - crustless quiche, I think, with bagels or bread from Panera and a big salad, or a side of pasta salad.

Back to it. If I think of it, I'll take a couple of pictures of craft day projects.

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Joy Foucault said...

is it bad that after reading this post I am now drooling over the word quiche?