Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mid week musings

Things falling out of my head, in no particular order (and with no mental filter, apparently):

The season ended for Once Upon a Time with Henry being kidnapped by the bad guys, who took him through a portal, apparently to Neverland. What I don't get is this: the bad guys hate magic, and are trying to eradicate it completely in our world-if they hate magic so much, why are they taking Henry to a world where there is magic? Eh, next season will tell.

There were frost warnings posted for yesterday morning. The current temperature is 72 degrees - and that is both close to the lake (cooler) and after a bit of a mid-afternoon drop. No wonder I'm still sick.

I watched Silver Linings Playbook over the weekend. I was not impressed.

That was in lieu of going out to see Iron Man 3, which I'd still like to see this week. Robert Downey, Jr. > Bradley Cooper any day.

Pam cannot make it to Craft Day, as her daughter just told her that granddaughter #2's high school graduation is the same day. They live in Tulsa. The one in Oklahoma. No chance of Pam making both events.

But Renae can come. We will quilt/craft like fiends. Or at least like women who don't get to do this kind of thing on a regular basis. If you are local and want to come, it's Friday, May 24th, starting sometime around lunch time and going until who knows when. Drop me an e-mail or comment if you plan to be here.

Amazed at what the administration thinks the media, and by extension the public, will swallow. I almost (almost) feel sorry for Jay Carney  being forced to spew that garbage. Now Holder has ordered an investigation of the IRS. No doubt he wants to deflect interest from his own agency, and their over-reach in demanding phone records from the Associated Press. Will this ever end?

The new quilt may be on the bed sideways. It's kind of hard to tell, since it's whole cloth, not pieced blocks. It reaches to the floor on both sides of the bed, but has little overhang at the foot. I wasn't paying enough attention when I put it on, I guess.

It's strange, but in spite of the light flooding into the bedroom early in the morning, I've wanted to sleep in. I'm blaming it on the cool nights and open window - perfect conditions for snuggling in. We're at the time of year where the sun streams horizontally into your eyes as you try to navigate the freeway to work.

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