Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What color is your parachute car?

While pondering the thirty-one miles per gallon my ten year old Honda Civic still gets on 95% city driving, I ran across an article on what your car color may say about you.

The article is a bit confusing, as it both mentions research that shows there is a correlation between car color and driving habits (and by extension, one would think, your personality) and goes on to say there probably isn't a real link between color choice and what you are like. It says there is no evidence to support claims that color is representative of the driver's psyche, but concludes with a list of colors and related personality traits.

Eh - who needs real research to have a little fun? Following is the list of car colors and associated traits. What does your color choice say about you?

  • Silver: You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic and possibly detached
  • White: You are fastidious, enjoy a simple life, have a strong attention to detail and are possibly a perfectionist
  • Green: You are trustworthy, traditional and balanced, but can also be lively and occasionally hysterical
  • Brown/Beige: You are practical, reliable, down-to-earth and pragmatic.
  • Yellow: You are upbeat, intelligent and young at heart
  • Grey: You are calm, sober and very career-driven
  • Blue: You are confident, quiet and dependable
  • Red: You are energetic, dynamic and have a lust for life
  • Pink: You are gentle, loving and caring
  • Black: You are conservative, empowered, elegant and professional
  • Purple: You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and happy to be seen as unique

  • I must be getting older - I've gone from red to black, and have been seriously thinking about beige for a small SUV sometime in the next two years. It's worth noting that car colors, like decorating colors, go through cycles. Certain manufacturers have traditional colors as well.

    Leave your car color and analysis in the comments.

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