Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ambition is a fickle thing

She flees at the slightest mention of "work". Sigh.

I managed to go to bed a full hour early last night, which contributed greatly to my ability to jump out of bed this morning to toddle off to Panera. They open at six; I arrived very shortly afterwards, showered, hair dry, bright eyed and ready to map out the day.

And map I did. My love of lists is well documented (see sidebar for post label); this is a stellar example. Every little thing is detailed, the better to impart a sense of accomplishment and reinvigorated determination to finish as I cross things off. In fact, the way it was set up, I could cross off the first two items before I made it any further in the house than through the basement door.

Life has a way of sidetracking things, though. I took a call just as I drove into the condo complex, and ended up on the phone for half an hour, unable to go into the underground parking because I'd lose the call. By the time I got inside (and did the first two things on the list before I went upstairs), it was morning snack time (consistency is key).

Sitting down was a mistake. I manged to find a number of things to sidetrack me from the actual list, none of which involved anything more strenuous than inputting some data in an app.


It's getting better. The sound dock is playing the "happy" playlist (side note: open concept is great for music systems - I can hear the sound dock clearly everywhere on the second floor (and not because I have it turned up)). I brought a box of books from the studio up to the loft - AND shelved them immediately. The empty box and an old fan sit at the head of the stairs, to be taken down shortly. The sun finally came out, which always makes housework and things more pleasant.

The big grouping on my list falls under "kitchen", a bit laughable considering the minuscule size of that room. There are things to clean, cook, chop and defrost. I should probably grab the stuff to take downstairs and get to it.

Isn't it about lunch time?

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