Thursday, August 02, 2012

When grumpy...quilt

A week ago I started the applique on a baby quilt. Applique isn't really my thing, but this motif is (mostly) pretty big. Even a fumble fingers like me should be able to do it.

Tonight, I cleared the dining room table in order to cut out the rest of the pieces of the quilt. With a little persistence, the top should be put together before the end of the weekend.

The colors under the CFL bulbs the PO's (previous owners) put in every single fixture in the house always look washed out, but here is a little teaser:

Having a whale of a time working on this!


melissa said...

LOVE the colors...esp. what appears to be a turquoisey blue...the one with the white design. Lovely. :)

Those curves would scare me in quilting, but what do I know? You're the skilled one. Can't wait to see the finished piece. And what a gift of love. Really.

Diane said...

Truth to tell, this was a kit, so I didn't pick the fabric. That blue is actually almost a true aqua under natural light - very dishy. Love the little sailboats that make up the pattern.

The piece is BIG - about 17" wide, so the curves aren't terribly difficult. Convex is easier than concave ;)

Katharine said...

So cute, I love the fabric patterns!