Saturday, August 04, 2012


You will note that I have two spoons; I'm
not yet capable of handling a fork.
A few of the Canasta Chicks met up for brunch this morning. It wasn't a fancy or expensive brunch - more a late breakfast at a smallish local restaurant, but it was fun nonetheless. Laughter is almost as necessary for life as the food.

Given my penchant for early rising, this was more lunch for me. Between the ridiculous time I got up and the time we met, I managed to do a little cleaning and finish up the hand applique on the whale quilt. I set up the sewing machine before I left for brunch, with the idea of starting to sew as soon as I got home.

The best laid seems I've misplaced part of the sewing machine. It's not something terribly necessary - a storage thing that slides around the main sewing arm. When the machine is in the sewing cabinet, in fact, it cannot be attached.

But when you are using the machine as a portable, that piece gives a bit of added level space in front of the needle, handy when you are feeding multiple small pieces of fabric, as in quilting.

Never fear, I also have a wonderful plexiglass extension table that slides around the freearm of the machine, creating an even bigger surface around the needle on which to work. I knew exactly which box it was in, and pulled it out.  Except, of course, that the feet that support it are packed...elsewhere. I swear I saw them when I pulled supplies for the Dresses for Africa thing at church, but now I can't find them.

It may be time to clear out that sewing room and unpack all the boxes.

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