Monday, August 06, 2012

A Woman's Daybook 8/6/12

Because sometimes, you just need to focus on the positive.

Outside my window... A gorgeous day. Milder temperatures, sunshine and lower humidity. Why am I at work again?

I am thinking... It's time for a wander in the country - breakfast at a country diner, a stop at the quilt shop, quiet shopping at the Elegant Farmer, a drive to nowhere along country roads.

I am thankful... The shootings at the Sikh temple down the road could have been much worse. So very thankful for law enforcement who are on the ball and stopped it before it could escalate further. Continue in prayer for the families and the wounded.

In the kitchen... Is it wrong to get really, really excited about changing dishwasher soap? Because if it's wrong, I don't want to be right. Changed to Finish tabs, added a rinse agent and voila! Cleaner, shinier, drier dishes.

Oh wait - was that supposed to be about food? Planning a Julia Child menu for Saturday night; it's not as complicated as you would imagine.

I am wearing... Black skirt, lime/light olive green shirt.

I am creating... A frantic search for parts delayed work on the baby quilt this weekend, but the plan is to continue picking at the smaller elements while I continue a more methodical search for the missing pieces of the machine table.

I am going... Nowhere, in spite of the longing for a wander. The grocery store and Target don't count, do they?

I am reading... I've become someone who reads multiple books at once, apparently. I'm partway into books on servanthood as a form of worship, ten signs of spiritual maturity, how to spur creativity (particularly in writing, though you wouldn't know it from recent blog posts), a more technical book on the physical science of creativity and imagination, one on 52 "small changes" (this week's change is to take a multivitamin daily). One thing I'm not reading at the moment is any fiction. Need to change that, pronto!

I am hoping... The long range forecast for the weekend says highs in the mid to upper seventies. I want to open the windows and the patio door and blow out all the musty air. It may even be nice enough to lounge on the patio with a cup of coffee and a book, without risking heat stroke or sunburn.

I am looking forward to... A friend is coming for dinner and a movie Saturday night. We've done this a couple of times before. I get to try out new recipes, we both get a low stress evening.

I am learning... See the book list.

Around the house... See the "I am creating" prompt. The sewing room may be emptied of boxes very soon. The problem, however, is not the boxes with things other than sewing supplies in them (there are relatively few of those), but the sewing stuff itself. No sense unpacking it when I (still) plan to have the floor replaced in early October, but I need to go through enough of it to find one little quart sized baggie containing four plastic feet. The frustrating part? I could swear I've seen them recently.

I am pondering... Once the floors are in, I get to design my sewing space. Too many ideas, not enough wall space. Too much sewing stuff, too.

One of my favorite things... In the search for the feet, I ran across some of my rather large stash of autumn decorations. I adore everything about fall. I may not wait until Labor Day to put some of those things out. (Bonus to searching for the feet is finding the rest of the fall stuff)

A few plans for the rest of the week... I need to go have a fasting blood draw, which means I get to sleep in a bit one day, as the lab doesn't open until eight. The menu for Saturday needs to be finalized so the shopping can be done. A bit of furniture rearranging may be done as well. All exciting plans, I know!


melissa said...

I love your tiddly posts like this. Honestly, I think we're very much you look at things, what holds you up, what inspires you...yeah, I get it!

Enjoy your day. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun things ahead! Let me know if you want a partner for the quilt shop/country excursion. I may be game!

Anonymous said...

ugh! This is Joy btw