Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grumpy is Sleepy

So the whole pack of dwarfs should go off to bed. I didn't sleep well last night - dreamt of riding a bike - hard - but not going anywhere. I've had some strange pain my my ankles and feet, and I wonder if that is what prompted the dream. Nothing has been wrenched, twisted or turned, nor put to excessive use; the pain is more a sharp nerve pain that pops in intermittently. Maybe the first pangs of old age?

Eh, I've been excessively grumpy all day, for no good reason that I can think of, other than the usual. I spent three quarters of the day doing things that were actually someone else's responsibility; the push back starts tomorrow. Feeling dumped on, though not enough to fuel the meltdown I feel lurking beneath the surface. Maybe if I focus on dreaming of puppies and ice cream, it will help? As long as I dream up someone other than me to do the clean up, that may work.

Who decided to hike up the gas prices overnight? I didn't really look at the price before I started filling, and should have; the price was twenty cents a gallon higher than yesterday. Naturally, on the way home from filling up I passed a station that still had gas at the old price.

Price increases are pretty much expected across the board because of the drought, but it irritates me to no end when the instant a newscaster says, "There may be a shortage of xxx in the coming months because of the drought" everyone takes it as license to hike the prices right away. Hmpf. Maybe the shortage of corn will finally convince the government of the error of ethanol.

Yeah, fat chance.

Now it truly is bed time, with hopes that tomorrow morning is much less grumpy. Sweet dreams, all.

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