Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday miscellany #1941

Dinner was chicken, but the house smells like a pizzeria. A half a dozen plum tomatoes held a conference on my kitchen counter, planning to become rotten tomatoes, so I sliced them, seasoned them and threw them in the toaster oven for a while to cook for this sauce.

Until a few minutes ago, I thought I'd clean the kitchen up, then settle in for a night of Gordon Ramsey berating professional and amateur cooks alike, but I've discovered that Fox is showing reruns tonight. Do they think they have serious competition on another network or something? All NBC is broadcasting this week seems to be some sports thingee...

Not much Olympic watching going on here, in case that fact escaped you. I like watching the events, but tire quickly of all the fluff they build around them.  Well, that and the way you are held captive watching twenty minutes of female Russian weight lifters (no offense, ladies) in order not to miss two minutes of women's gymnastics.

A quiet week on tap. I want need to do some semi-major housecleaning (ah, yes, what to do with the time gained by not watching reruns tonight...), in addition to having a little bit more hand applique to do before I piece the baby quilt.

'Tis the summer for babies. My niece had her wee one back a few weeks, another friend had her not-so-wee (8 pounds, 12 ounces!) one the 27th, another is scheduled for the 17th, and at least one more is due in September or October. Those are just the pregnancies of women I know in real life...kind of weird being in the middle of what appears to be a super fertility zone while I'm having hot flashes.

I've never been so thankful for hot flashes in all my life.

Those tomatoes aren't going to jump in the food processor on their own, so I'd better get to it. The final yield won't be much more than a cup or two of sauce; the next question is what to make with it. Pizza, spaghetti, many choices.

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melissa said...

Hot flashes. Yeah. Um....part of my life now as well. I try to make light of them, but I'm not laughing much. Yay for natural supplements. :)