Monday, August 13, 2012


I suppose I should say something about Romney's choice of Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, given that he is a hometown boy.

I'm cautiously optimistic?

Choosing Ryan puts the economy and the entitlement programs smack in the middle of the campaign, if there was any doubt left that Romney sees that as the central issue. Ryan certainly is a numbers geek.

That may be part of the problem. I happen to like numbers geeks (there may be some truth to the rumor that I am one of them), but they often come off as lacking compassion and empathy - particularly when they are talking about gutting one of the country's most ingrained entitlement programs. Can the R & R campaign show that Ryan is both committed to fixing our fiscal issues, but also sensitive to the sacrifices that will push on the ordinary citizen?

Whether or not the Republicans win this presidential go-round, the campaign will provide Ryan the opportunities he needs to humanize his image, show people what he is about and sow the seeds for a presidential run in 2016.

One thing a Ryan run for vice president has already done is turn Wisconsin from a bluish-violet state to a red-magenta state.

Here's hoping the color wheel continues to revolve.

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melissa said...

OK, was wondering how you felt. I posted to you on FB before coming over to see the blog news.

Thanks for your take on it. :)