Sunday, August 12, 2012

Those feet were made for walking

When last we talked about quilting, I was whining about the feet from the huge plexiglass extension table for my sewing machine having gone on walkabout. In spite of the inconvenience, some progress needs to be made on the quilt if it is going to be done in time. After church, I decided to go ahead and start.

I got all set up, beginning to pin pieces together, when I had a brain flash. An extension table came with the machine, though I haven't used it in years, as the plexiglass one (the one whose feet apparently walked off) I bought later is much bigger. Not only did I remember I still had the original , but I knew exactly which box it was in. Thirty seconds later, I slid it on the machine.

Three short seams later, another brainstorm flew through my mental sky. I walked back into the sewing room, directly to the box that held the feet to the plexiglass extension table.

All I can say is I think the Holy Spirit decided to give me some divine guidance, as I've been looking for those feet for a week.

Unfortunately, I need Him to come back...the little box with the presser feet for the machine has also taken a hike...

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melissa said...

You make me laugh.....