Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not quite ready for an ark

At least we got some rain overnight.

It had been so long since I'd heard thunder, I just assumed it was another jet rumbling by overhead. The flicker of lightening preceding the next boom clued me in enough to open the drapes to get a better look.

By the time I went to bed, it was a full-fledged thunderstorm, pouring rain and lots of noise. This morning the ground was still wet; either the storm lasted a while, or it rained again closer to dawn.

Is it odd to be thrilled that it is a glorious, cloudy, gloomy day? The promise inherent in the clouds most likely won't be fulfilled, but I'm enjoying the change from bright sunlight. The insistent beeping when I opened the car door reminded me that I used the headlights this morning.

You can almost hear the grass and trees sighing in contentment. They shouldn't get comfortable; after today, there's no chance of more rain for at least another week.


Katharine said...

Oh I wish we would have a good thunderstorm!Besides the fact that we desperately need rain... I love storms!

Robbo said...

I know what you mean by that sense of contentment. A nifty sensation.