Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quilt bug

Excitement abounds at the thought of working on the baby quilt kit I bought a week or so back. That excitement was tempered a bit by an e-mail from the seller, announcing a sale on that particular fabric line - including the quilt kit, now $10 less than I paid. Sigh. At least I can order matching fabric for the backing at $3.50 a yard.

I can't link to a picture of the quilt; they must have just (within minutes) sold the last one. The site is very, very good about removing items that have sold out from the selections. Unfortunately, it means I can't check exactly how much backing fabric I need. Grr.

If you quilt, or even if you just want some nice quality cotton fabric, take a look at Connecting Threads. The prices are reasonable, the quality and selection great. Free shipping on orders over $50.

No affiliation, yada, yada. In fact, rather than them paying me anything for advertising, I'm about to go drop some cash on their site...let's see, three yards of backing fabric would be just over ten shipping over $50...

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