Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We're not at Disney any more

Dear Coworker:

I realize it can be quite distressing to find mouse droppings on your desk. But consider, for a moment, the possible causes of the rodent incursion.

Is is just possible, however remotely, that the stash of food you keep in your office may be a mouse magnet? None of it seems to be well wrapped, and the quantity puts the paltry contents of my home pantry to shame.

Cleaning up after yourself may be an effective deterrent. The mini-Mickeys are pretty lazy, but they have a sharp nose for crumbs that are out in the open for the taking.

Facilities is coming to put out traps; I do hope, for their sake and the sanity of an office mostly full of women, that the traps are put in hidey corners out of sight, to be checked frequently by Facilities personnel. No need to traumatize your colleagues any more than has already been done by the knowledge a clan of mice is making themselves at home here.

The coworker who is thanking heaven her office is as far away as physically possible from yours

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Joy Foucault said...

Wow! I have always been amazed at the people who can't seem to clean up after themselves. Imagine the horror of their own home! No thank you I won't be going over to that house!